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"Woo damn, that's a loud one."

Tagged: Zachary levi

SHAZAM! | TV & Movie Reviews

Superhero Slate wants you to say our name, after watching SHAZAM! Does Billy Batson use all the powers given to him for good or just to be a YouTube sensation? Are the trailers enough to make this movie a must see or a hard pass? Can you figure out what all the letters in SHAZAM stand for? Find out all our thoughts and more in this review episode!
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Shazam! @ C2E2 2019 Special Spoiler Episode | TV & Movie Reviews

Superhero Slate is representing at C2E2 2019 in Chicago, and we're bringing you a SPOILER FILLED round table episode review of Shazam! Enjoy Chris and guests Adam Niemiec, Brian Smith, Greg Cunningham, and Roberto Mantica as they discuss DC's newest superhero film. Excuse the mess as we record in an AirBNB and ramble about our adventure through Shazam!
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