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"Like every time someone walks away from the screen I'm just like BYE FELICIA!"

Questions of Morality | Episode 5

The fifth episode of Superhero Slate find Chris and Mike chatting about Daredevil, Marvel’s Age of Ultron, Angelina Jolie, Netflix’s Legend of Zelda and more. Also, we talk about what steams our broccoli again!

Episode 5 Notes

  • News
    • Daredevil Trailer
    • First look at Krysten Ritter as Jessica Jones
    • Avengers Age of Ultron moves up a week in England
    • Marvel confirms Andy Serkis is Ulysses Klaw
    • The Sceptre’d Isle - Avengers prequel comic/digital only
    • Arrow ATOM suit
    • Lucifer Pilot gets green-lit
    • DC’s New 52 ends in June
    • Marvel announces A-Force comic
    • Black Panther concept art on Instagram

  • Rumors and Such
    • Netflix creating Legend of Zelda Live action series
    • Angelina Jolie for Captain Marvel?
  • What Steams Our Broccoli
    • Clickbait sites
    • Official Sites spoiling things

Mike - @MikeRoyerDesignInstagramPickledComics

Chris - @ValdanComicUINerdTraffic

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