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Infinity War Release Date & the Silver Surfer | Weekly News Episode 161

Get excited with Superhero Slate because Infinity War is releasing a week earlier, Silver Surfer proves its business as usual for Fox, DC is Cheetah-ing its way to the big screen, and more!

Louisville Arcade Expo

Marvel Cinematic Universe March Madness Bracket

Roz Shoutout


  • Avengers: Infinity War (8:15)
  • Guardians of the Galaxy (24:25)
    • Original Groot is dead
      • Baby Groot is his son
  • Captain Marvel (26:55)
    • Gemma Chan (Humans) has been added to cast as Minn-Era aka Doctor Minerva
      • Kree Villain who gains similar powers to Captain Marvel in comics
  • Marvel (28:45)
    • Handed out dates for six other untitled Marvel movies: May 7, 2021; July 30, 2021, Nov. 5, 2021; Feb. 18, 2022; May 6, 2022; and July 29, 2022.
    • Moved an untitled Marvel film to July 31, 2020 (from a previous date of Aug. 7, 2020
      • Mulan moved to March 27, 2020 (from November 2018)
  • Silver Surfer (34:10)
    • Movie in works at Fox with Brian K Vaughan writing
      • Second movie to be written by comic book author
  • New Mutants (36:20)
    • Reshoots are adding a new character, will up the horror factor
  • X-Force (38:45)
    • Shooting in November
    • Drew Goddard will direct and has written script
    • Reynolds and Brolin will star in film
  • Gambit (41:05)
    • Still looking for director; Latest draft of Screenplay to be delivered next month
    • Greenlit and budgeted
  • Doctor Doom (41:55)
    • From Noah Hawley (Legion) still in development
  • Fox Studios (42:05)
    • Business as usual in case the merger does not go through
    • Prevents delays and loss of operations in case of delays or issues
  • Agents of SHIELD (45:00)
    • Series preparing for cancellation at end of Season 5
      • Not confirmed or denied, but planning for worst
  • Cloak & Dagger (46:30)
  • Jessica Jones (47:30)
    • Series releasing March 8 on Netflix
  • The Rocketeer (49:15)
    • Rebooted as a Disney Junior cartoon
      • Young girl superhero perspective
  • Deadpool (51:10)
    • FX could have animated preview on March 15
      • Upfront previews to entice advertisers
  • Ralph Breaks the Internet (52:00)
  • Solo (54:35)
  • Men in Black (56:10)
    • Chris Hemsworth in talks to play lead role in film
      • Global adventure with white male, female of color, and older man
  • Wonder Woman 2 (57:15)
    • Kristin Wiig in talks for role as Cheetah
      • Emma Stone passed on offer
  • Batgirl (59:40)
    • DC has cooled on the idea of Batgirl after Whedon’s departure
  • DC Films (1:00:45)
    • If AT&T and Time Warner merger is blocked, company will be broken up and sold separately
      • Warner Bros, HBO, and Turner
  • Constantine (1:02:15)
    • Animated series to debut March 24 on CW Seed
  • Sandman (1:03:00)
    • Neil Gaiman launching the Sandman Universe
      • 4 New books later this year
  • Discworld (1:03:55)
    • BBC Studios developing 6-part TV series based on Terry Pratchett’s novel series
  • Past Midnight (1:05:30)
    • Rick Famuyiwa to direct vigilante superhero film starring Keanu Reeves and produced by the Russo Bros. for Netflix

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