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"I can't even man. I'm so odd I can't even."

Netflix Cancellations & Star Wars Shows on Disney+ | Weekly News Episode 211

This week Superhero Slate bids farewell to Jessica Jones and the Punisher on Netflix, Wolverine and Professor X get Guinness World Records, we shouldn’t expect any Phase 4 MCU news till later this year, and more!


  • The Umbrella Academy (13:00)
    • Review (spoiler free)
  • Netflix (18:55)
    • Jessica Jones & The Punisher canceled
      • Season 3 will still air
    • Rumor: FX or Hulu could “save” shows
  • Daredevil (24:05)
  • MCU (28:15)
    • Phase 4 will not be announced till after Avengers Endgame & Spider-Man Far From Home are in theaters
    • No mandate to make more than 2 films a year
  • Black Widow (31:05)
    • Film will not be R-rated per K Feige
      • Does this mean film is confirmed?
  • Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 (32:00)
    • James Gunn’s script is being used - K Feige
  • Captain Marvel (33:35)
  • Agents of SHIELD (37:25)
    • Season 7 has started filming
  • Wolverine: The Lost Trail (40:56)
  • X-Men (43:00)
    • Hugh Jackman & Patrick Stewart receive Guinness World Records for “Longest Career as Live Action Marvel Superhero”
    • 16 years, 228 days in total
  • Alita Battle Angel (45:00)
    • $64 million in China, largest opening for Fox there
  • Star Wars (47:35)
    • Obi-Wan Kenobi series in the works for Disney+
      • Making movie (good things were said about script) into series
      • Could span up to 6 episodes
    • Production has launched on an un-revealed Star Wars TV series in the UK
      • Likely to be revealed at Star Wars Celebration in April
      • ‘Series III Productions (UK) Limited
  • Avatar (56:10)
    • Films 2 & 3 were shot back to back
    • 5 months of live action shooting left
      • Takes place years after original
  • The Flash (58:04)
    • Ezra Miller talks about The Flash opening up the Multi-verse and Speedster multiverses
    • Bridge all the not-universe pieces

Plugs (1:03:55)

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