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"Oh I have to look something up so I don't sound stupid real quick."

Endgame Extra Credit & Keanu Reeves Best Role | Weekly News Episode 228

This week we prepare to be in the Endgame again, we speculate the best Keanu Reeves role for Marvel, Comic-Con is getting close, and more!


  • Spider-Man: Far From Home (17:30)
    • Social media reactions hitting internet
      • Some early screenings June 26
    • TWO end credits scenes
  • Avengers: Endgame (22:25)
    • A new version added to current theater lineup
    • After credits: a deleted scene, a tribute, and a few surprises
      • June 28 weekend
  • Marvel Studios (29:15)
    • Deadline reports a confirmed Hall H presence
      • Phase 4 movies
      • Disney+ shows
    • Talks with Keanu Reeves to be in films
  • Black Widow (38:00)
  • Shang Chi (43:05)
    • Guntis Sics (Thor Ragnarok sound mixer) says film shooting in Australia next year
    • Ludi Lin (Aquaman, Power Rangers) is a top contender
    • Hopes to have Donnie Yen in a lead role
  • Venom (47:20)
    • Amy Pascal confirms Tom Hardy will be back for sequel
  • The King’s Man (48:05)
    • World War 1 prequel for Kingsmen franchise gets official title
  • The Batman (49:44)
    • Josh Gad NOT playing the Penguin
  • Younger listener question (51:40)
    • Being creative in the internet age
    • Moving away from home

Plugs (1:02:10)

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