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"I have enough of these things to at least quench the thirst of a small army of Ghostbusters."

The Batman Casting & Black Widow Filming | Weekly News Episode 225

On the latest Superhero Slate, The Batman has officially been found with Robert Pattinson, the Fantastic Four & X-Men almost had a team up movie, everybody has Spider-Man on the brain, and more!


  • The Batman (14:40)
    • Robert Pattinson has finalized deal to play Bruce Wayne/Batman in upcoming film
    • Lots of characters in film
      • Penguin, Catwoman, Riddler, Alfred, Commissioner Gordon
      • May introduce new Robin for series
  • Cyborg/The Flash (19:11)
    • Ray Fisher & Ezra Miller’s contract expired last week
      • No news on renewal
  • The Suicide Squad (21:24)
    • Idris Elba reportedly playing Bronze Tiger
  • New Gods (23:25)
    • Tom King (Mister Miracle/The Vision) to write script with director Ava Duvernay
      • King won Eisner Award for Mister Miracle
  • Booster Gold (25:15)
    • Script turned in, Berlanti (director/producer) is very happy with it
    • Waiting for greenlight from DC/WB
  • Swamp Thing (28:15)
    • Now on DC Universe
  • Harley Quinn (29:55)
  • Kingsmen: The Great Game (31:10)
    • Liam Neeson joins cast
    • Will star alongside newcomers Harris Dickinson, Ralph Fiennes, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Stanley Tucci, Charles Dance, and Daniel Bruhl
  • Dark Phoenix (33:00)
    • Out in theaters this Thursday
  • The New Mutants (34:25)
    • Reshoots and scheduling are confirmed going forward
    • Fox couldn’t make it work, Marvel is good at it
  • Fantastic Four & X-Men (36:50)
    • Fox had a movie commissioned which involved X-Men, Fantastic Four, Daredevil & Deadpool in 2011
    • Written by Zack Stentz (First Class) and Paul Greengrass (Bourne Films) almost directed it
  • Spider-Man 3 (40:45)
    • Deadpool not to appear in the sequel
    • Venom more likely to appear
      • Not sure if Tom Hardy’s version or not
  • Spider-Man (Animated Series) (43:35)
    • Season 3 confirmed, called Maximum Venom
    • Spring 2020
  • Spider-Man: Far From Home (45:30)
  • Black Widow (48:40)
    • Movie shooting in Norway currently
    • Not officially announced....yet
  • The Eternals (53:15)
    • Keanu Reeves approached about a role in upcoming film
    • No details yet, but talks underway
  • Power Pack (54:00)
    • Property in active development at Marvel Studios
      • Disney+ or Movie is unknown
    • Group of superhero children
  • Marvel’s Avengers (video game) (55:45)
    • Will debut at E3 on June 10
    • 4 player game with customizable abilities
    • Single player & co-op
  • Jessica Jones (57:45)
  • The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance (59:10)

Plugs (1:03:30)

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