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"I know they're wrong. YOU know they're wrong. We know they're all wrong. THEY'RE WRONG!"

Marvel's What If Animation & Shows on HBO | Weekly News Episode 239

Superhero Slate is taking a look at Marvel’s What If show, the Joker is taking top prize at the Venice Film Festival, the next Star Wars trailer is rated, and more!


  • Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (19:30)
    • Trailer C has been rated for previewing
      • October 14 during Monday Night Football?
    • Comic-Con panel with Ian McDiarmid and Hayden Christensen canceled
      • Reportedly Disney fearing they’ll spoil TROS
      • Anakin as force ghost?
  • Watchmen (29:00)
    • Premieres on HBO 10/20
    • Expected to have 9 episodes
  • Westworld (30:10)
    • Season 3 to have approximately 8 episodes
      • Previous seasons had 10
  • Joker (35:40)
    • Awarded top prize at the Venice Film Festival
  • Birds of Prey (39:18)
  • Mission Impossible 7 (40:25)
    • Hayley Atwell joins cast of upcoming film
  • Marvel’s What If...? (43:15)
  • Hawkeye (48:25)
    • Mad Men writer Jonathan Igla to write Disney+ series
  • Fantastic Four (51:10)
    • Doom may not be villain in first MCU film
      • Mole Man was original antagonist in comics
  • Avengers: Endgame (53:20)
    • Now the longest running movie in 2019

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