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"Tally wacker. TALLY WACKER."

Morbius Trailer & Crisis on Infinite Earths Review | Weekly News Episode 256

This week Superhero Slate is deciding if Morbius will suck blood or just suck, look at a silver haired Penguin, figure out how big a Crisis on Infinite Earths was, and more!


  • Morbius (11:50)
  • Black Widow (18:55)
  • Spider-Man (23:45)
    • Third MCU outing to film in July
      • Will take place in Iceland (Thor 2)
  • Marvel’s Avengers (27:25)
    • Pushed back 4 months to September
    • “More time to polish game”
  • WandaVision (30:50)
    • Reportedly casting Hulking in show
      • Kree/Skrull hybrid
      • Boyfriend to Wanda’s son Wiccan
    • “Skrull who requires help from SWORD to remain safely on Earth.”
    • The Crystal Ball
  • 20th Century Studios (35:15)
    • Disney is dropping “Fox” from all affiliated studios post merger
    • 20th Century Studios and Searchlight Pictures
  • Star Wars (38:15)
    • Taika Waititi rumored to be courted to direct a Star Wars film
      • Directed final episode of The Mandalorian
    • Maybe same Kevin Feige produced film?
  • Kenobi (41:00)
    • Fact Check: Show is NOT cancelled before it starts filming
    • Parody news site shared cryptic tweet, and snowballed from there
  • Aquaman (43:50)
    • King of Atlantis will be a 3 part animated series on HBO Max
    • Family friendly and tell stand alone stories with ecological and ethical themes
  • Green Lantern (45:45)
    • Series will focus on two stories about Green Lanterns on Earth, spanning several decades
    • One in space going into the Sinestro story
  • Stargirl (49:15)
  • Superman & Lois (52:30)
    • Spinoff ordered straight to series on CW
    • Feature Supergirl’s Superman and Lois Lane
    • Debut 2020/2021 season
  • Crisis on Infinite Earths (54:30)
    • All of the CW heroes exist on Earth Prime now
    • List of Cameos
    • Big Cinematic Crossover
  • The Batman (1:09:40)
  • Watchmen (1:10:55)
    • Season 2 unlikely after Damon Lindelof declines to return
    • Probably will still happen
  • Star Trek Picard (1:13:25)
    • Gets a season 2 order ahead of premiere
  • Guns Akimbo (1:18:45)

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