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The Future of DC & Marvel's Secret SWORD | Weekly News Episode 286

This episode Superhero Slate is getting hyped for DC’s Fandome, Avatar loses its original creators for live action series, we’ve got Superhero video game deets, and more!

The Future of DC & Marvel's Secret SWORD (00:00)

Quaran-Steam: McMillions, Project Power, Guns Akimbo, The Frighteners (1996), For Love or Money (1993)

From Ali Keller: Superhero Mockumentary: Think “Christopher Guest” meets “Mystery Men -

Pasquinelli’s Point - Youtube - 

BougieQ on Twitch -


  • NYCC (27:35)
    • New York Comic-Con canceled in person for 2020
    • Digital event planned
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender (39:30)
    • Original animated series creators have left live-action project with Nickelodeon
    • Separate posts, make it seem like huge creative differences for their visions.
  • Netflix (37:15)
  • DC (38:50)
    • Future of comics plans are in doubt
      • 1/3 of editorial staff were let go (VP’s mostly)
      • DC Direct (merchandise/collectibles) is dissolved
      • Majority of DC Universe staff
  • DC Universe (43:50)
    • Jim Lee confirms original shows moving to HBO Max
    • WIll keep DCU as something different
  • DC’s Fandome (45:55)
    • The Batman & The Suicide Squad footage expected to be shown
    • Batman, Harley Quinn in Fortnite
      • Joker & Poison Ivy next
    • The Flash has 10 minute panel
  • Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League (51:32)
    • Rocksteady’s game confirmed title
    • Reveal this weekend
  • Vader Immortal (PSVR) (53:20)
  • Avengers (beta) (56:30)
    • Second weekend impressions - Xbox
      • Levels with Superfan Jim on PS4
    • Leaked data points to plans for:
      • Kate Bishop
      • She-Hulk
      • War Machine
    • Spider-Man game does not exist in same universe
  • Spider-Man 3 (1:00:40)
    • Homesick is not the title
  • Avengers: Infinity War (1:02:50)
    • Nick Fury’s pager has SWORD reference on back
    • Every MCU theatrical release (except Incredible Hulk) on D+
  • Disney (1:06:20)
    • Limiting the number of 4K titles released on physical media in future
      • Nothing big retroactively released on it
    • Coronavirus concerns with handling physical media
  • Tron 3 (1:10:00)
    • Officially in the works with Jared Leto & Director Garth Davis
    • Not given a greenlight, so it may not make it past pre-production planning
  • Army of the Dead (1:13:18)
    • Zack Snyder’s movie will replace Chris D’Elia with Tig Notaro
      • Film shot in 2019
      • Digital/green screen replacements
    • Not a main character
  • Tenet (1:18:50)
    • August 26 release still planned, tickets on sale now
  • The New Mutants (1:20:40)
    • Coming to theaters on August 28 still

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