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"So you're undiagnosed because according to the people and doctors who have touched your balls, it was not the exam. Yes."

Home Box Office to the Max & Hawkeye Casting | Weekly News Episode 302

This week Superhero Slate is celebrating the Home Box Office, Kate Bishop is the most trending Avenger, Star Wars takes a leaked Detour, and more!

QuaranStream: Happiest Season, The Holiday Movies That Made Us, The Repair Shop, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, X-Files


  • Warner Bros (20:20)
    • Every 2021 film will release simultaneously in theaters and on HBO Max
      • This is for a period of 1 month per film
    • This includes: 
      • Mortal Kombat
      • Godzilla vs Kong
      • Space Jam: A New Legacy
      • The Suicide Squad
      • Dune
      • The Matrix 4
      • Others via Variety
    • Currently only good through 2021; Nothing in 2022 on deal yet
    • No Roku yet
  • Wonder Woman 1984 (35:25)
    • Early reviews are online, beware
    • HBO Max free trials removed before film hits
  • Justice League (38:30)
    • Warner CEO confirms film is coming out in a “few months” on streaming service
  • CW (39:15)
    • David Ramsey (Diggle in Arrow) is directing 5 episodes of DC’s TV shows (Superman & Lois, The Flash, Supergirl, Batwoman, and Legends of Tomorrow)
    • Will appear in episodes as “Mystery character”
      • Last seen with a green glowing box in Arrow
      • John Stewart/Green Lantern?
  • Black Panther (42:25)
  • Hawkeye (43:30)
    • Hailee Steinfeld officially cast as Kate Bishop
    • Other confirmed cast:
      • Florence Pugh as Yelena Belova
      • Vera Farmiga as Kate’s mother
      • Fra Fee as Kazi (Clown)
      • Tony Dalton as Swordsman (trained Hawkeye)
      • Alaqua Cox as Echo (deaf character who can mimic movements of another person)
  • Avengers (game) (51:30)
    • Kate Bishop coming 12/8 as a free character
    • Full skill tree, missions, etc
  • Metal Gear Solid (53:10)
    • Oscar Isaac (Star Wars; Moon Knight) to play Solid Snake in upcoming film adaptation
    • Directed by Jordan Vogt-Roberts (Kong: Skull Island) and written by Derek Connolly (Skull Island; Jurassic World 3)
  • Star Wars: Detours (1:05:00)
    • Episode at Dexter Jetser’s Diner leaked
      • Weird Al and Andy Richter as 4-LOM and Zuckuss
    • 2 seasons of episodes completed, never released
  • Invincible (1:12:40)
    • New voice cast additions to upcoming show revealed at CCXP
      • Ezra Miller, Mahershala Ali, Jon Hamm, Clancy Brown, Djimon Hounsou
    • Previous cast announcements:
      • Steven Yeun, J.K. Simmons, Sandra Oh, Mark Hamill, Seth Rogen, Gillian Jacobs, Zazie Beetz, Walton Goggins, Khary Patyon, Zachary Quinto

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