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"I got tanked at Dave and Busters yesterday off like one drink and then played games for like three hours."

James Gunn Burns the DC Universe, Star Wars Goes to a New Galaxy, The Game Awards Were Cool, and more!

This week Superhero Slate is getting conflicting reports on the future of the DC movie slate, Star Wars gives us some release dates, the Game Awards disappointed superhero fans, and more!

Last Episode of the Year!

The Video Game Awards: Marvel Snap won best mobile game, Ghostbusters VR gameplay, Sucker Punch (2011), Puss and Boots: The Last Wish

Christmas Movie Marathon: The Santa Clause, How the Grinch Stole Christmas (cartoon), A Christmas Story, Ernest Saves Christmas, Christmas Vacation, A Muppet Christmas Carol


  • Avatar: The Way of Water (22:35)
    • Movie releases on Friday in theaters
  • Wonder Woman (26:45)
    • Wonder Woman 3 not moving forward at WB
    • Patty Jenkins fought with execs (pre-James Gunn) about not editing script/story
      • Sent them email with Wiki link to “character arc”
    • Gal Gadot could stay on as character
  • Man of Steel 2 (32:00)
    • Pitch was rejected by execs; Henry Cavill announced ‘return’ before denial
    • Not sure if film is moving forward
  • Black Adam (39:30)
    • Conflicting reports about whether movie has a profit or not
      • Producer and Dwayne Johnson say yes, it did
    • Unsure about status in future DCU
  • Aquaman (45:20)
    • Jason Momoa may not stay in role after The Lost Kingdom
      • Rumored heavily to play Lobo
      • Could do both?
    • Ben Affleck’s Batman not in recent test screening
  • Batman (51:50)
    • Rumored scrapped Michael Keaton Batman movie was based on Batman Beyond
    • Not announced previously, but in works prior to new co-presidents
  • The Flash (56:30)
    • Moves up 1 week to June 16, 2023
  • Suicide Squad Kills the Justice League (57:20)
  • Hellboy: Web of Wyrd (59:10)
  • X-Men: Fear the Best (1:02:00)
  • Ahsoka (1:09:30)
    • General Thrawn and Ezra Bridger were sent to the “new Beyond” which is a Galaxy that uses the force differently than seen before
      • Magic users in Star Wars likely came from here
    • Same for Skeleton Crew setting
  • The Acolyte (1:12:15)
  • The Bad Batch (1:13:40)
  • Jedi Survivor (1:15:35)

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