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"What kind of future where I'm a hero."

DCU Slate Reveal, including Superman, Batman's Son, Elseworlds, and more!

This week Superhero Slate blocking all the Ant-Man keywords, Star Wars uses the force for more Visions, the DC Universe is finally revealed, and more!

Shrinking (Apple TV), The Last of Us (CHRIS HASN’T WATCHED IT YET), You People (Netflix)

Seinfeld: AI Generated Episodes on Twitch


  • Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania (19:05)
    • Red carpet on Monday
      • Spoiler alert time
    • Look Out for the Little Guy is a real book and releasing this fall
      • Ant-Man’s autobiography
  • Hit-Monkey (22:05)
    • Surprisingly renewed for Season 2 at Hulu
    • Same returning cast, coming soon
    • Dropped “Marvel” branding
  • Star Wars: Visions (24:50)
  • DC Universe (27:15)
    • James Gunn announces phase 1 of the DCU - “Gods and Monsters”
      • Ruffled execs feathers
    • Movies (31:05)
      • Superman Legacy - July 1, 2025
        • THR says Gunn likely to direct
      • The Brave and the Bold - Batman & Damien Wayne
      • The Authority - super powered people who want to change the world as they see it
      • Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow - Superman’s Cousin who didn’t land on Earth
      • Swamp Thing
    • TV Series (43:50)
      • Waller - follows Amanda Waller; Live Action
        • Takes place between Seasons 1 and 2 of Peacemaker
      • Creature Commandos - animated and written by James Gunn
      • Booster Gold - time traveling, imposter syndrome (Blue Beetle?)
      • Lanterns - Hal Jordan and John Stewart
      • Paradise Lost - Paradise Island; Themyscira, Game of Thrones
    • Elseworlds (57:25)
      • The Batman sequel
      • The Joker: Folie a Deux
      • Harley Quinn (show)
      • Teen Titans Go!
    • Legacy (1:02:50)
      • Shazam exists in its own world
      • The Flash will reset many, but not all things in the DC universe
      • Blue Beetle exists
      • Aquaman 2 still coming to theaters, future unknown but Momoa will not be playing 2 characters
      • Gal Gadot isn’t out (yet)
    • Plan is to have live action actors voice animated versions, cross show/movie/game synergy
    • 2 movies and 2 shows a year
    • Video games to tell stories in between movies/shows
      • Lots of bad feedback from gaming industry
  • Superman & Lois (1:14:55)
    • “A show everybody likes and will keep going for a bit.” - James Gunn
    • At least 2 more years
  • The Penguin (1:15:55)
    • 8 episode series/season for show
  • King of the Hill (1:17:05)
    • Revival at Hulu
    • Same voice cast returning

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