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"Train go woo woo!"

Kraven Trailer Discussion, Comic Con 2023 Woes, Secret Invasion Review, and more!

This week Superhero Slate is on the hunt for the Kraven trailer, Comic Con 2023 status is not looking great, Secret Invasion infiltrates Disney+, and more!

What We're Watching: The Bear Season 2, EXTRACTION 2


  • The Flash (14:00)
  • Blue Beetle (17:30)
    • Confirmed to be in upcoming DCU, rather than previous DCEU
    • Refers to heroes, but not specific ones or events
  • Wonder Woman (21:20)
    • Gal Gadot apparently leaving door open for return as character
    • Cameod in last 2 DCEU films
  • DCEU (23:30)
    • Box set releasing this fall to collect 10 of the DCEU Films
      • Man of Steel, Batman v Superman, Justice League, Wonder Woman, Wonder Woman 84, Aquaman, The Flash, Shazam, Shazam Fury of the Gods, and Black Adam
    • Missing Suicide Squad, The Suicide Squad, and Harley Quinn and the Birds of Prey; most likely R-rated not in consumer set
  • Kraven (25:45)
  • Spider-Man Across the Spider-Verse (37:05)
  • Comic Con (41:10)
    • Marvel, HBO, Universal, Netflix, Lucasfilm, Sony not presenting at SDCC this year
  • Marvel Studios (47:00)
    • Reportedly will skip Hall H this year at SDCC
    • Focus on floor events/presence
      • WGA/SAG strikes hard to get people booked for panels
  • Deadpool 3 (47:50)
    • Confirmed 3+ Deadpool variants in film
      • Deadpool 2 ended on multiverse hopping montage
    • Ben Affleck spotted on set, returning as Daredevil?
  • Secret Invasion (51:10)
    • Episode 1 now on Disney+
    • Spoiler Discussion
    • Opening Credits talk @ (1:04:13)

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