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"Sweet Christmas. Ooooooh, so sweet and buttery."

The Snack News, Spider-Man 2's Impressive Speed, Aquaman's Trailer (literally) Flops, and more!

This week Superhero Slate is giving you a rundown of all the Snackiest News we could find, Spider-man 2 gameplay shows off how fast the PS5 makes the game run, we break down Aquaman and the Lost teaser trailer, and more!

Peter Pan Goes Wrong, One Piece (2023)

SnackTime (19:28)

  • Fanta Mystery Flavor 2023
  • Coke Y3000 (regular & zero sugar)
  • Mt. Dew Voo Dew 2023 (regular & zero sugar)
  • Lays Cheetos Cheese
  • McDonalds phasing out self-serve soda fountains


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