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Celebrate Madame Webruary, Milly Alcock cast as Supergirl, Krysten Ritter teases a return, and more!

This week Superhero Slate is celebrating Madame Webruary, Milly Alcock cast as Supergirl in the DCU, Krysten Ritter teases a return to Jessica Jones, and more!

Hooter's Sangria Recipe: equal parts Red Wine to Mtn. Dew


  • Madame Web (8:40)
    • Tickets on sale now
    • Removed any indication of connections to other Spider-Man films
    • February 14
  • El Muerto (13:15)
    • Rumored to be still in production at Sony without Bad Bunny
    • Part of the SPUMM series of films
  • Captain America 4 (16:40)
  • Blade (21:25)
    • Movie is a period piece and rated R
    • Will focus on Lilith getting Blade’s daughter’s blood to create army of daywalkers
      • Will wield the Ebony Blade
  • Daredevil: Born Again (25:10)
  • X-Men 97 (30:11)
  • What If (32:25)
    • Season 3 episode to revisit The Eternals
      • "What If... The Eternals Never Stopped The Emergence?"
  • Supergirl (34:50)
    • Milly Alcock (Game of Thrones) cast as Kara Zor El in upcoming DCU
    • James Gunn controversy of saying had her in mind “well over a year ago” even though he said Sasha Calle could continue as Supergirl
  • Penguin (39:40)
  • Peacemaker (44:35)
    • James Gunn writing episode 8, finale for season 2
    • Batman will not appear in Superman Legacy/Series
  • Dark Universe (57:05)

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