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"This is a whole lot of cheese for one man to eat. And I was like I don't think I'm even going to get through this before it goes bad."

Stupid Sexy X-men 97, Marvel Rivals Trailer, Spider-verse Into Mental Health Short, and more!

This week on Superhero Slate we're watching the trailer for Marvel Overwatch Game called Rivals, Thunderbolts filming is underway, Spider-verse gets a new fundraising short, and more!

Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire


  • X-Men ‘97 (19:00)
    • Episode 3 Spoilers
  • Hulu (34:50)
    • Now merged with Disney+ app
    • One home for content
  • Marvel Rivals (36:50)
    • Trailer for 6v6 game coming out 2025
      • Alpha sign ups for May
    • Overwatch/Valorant clone with Marvel Team ups, destructive environments 
    • Launch roster so far
      • Magneto
      • Bruce Banner/Hulk
      • Storm
      • The Punisher
      • Loki
      • Doctor Strange
      • Mantis
      • Rocket Raccoon
      • Black Panther
      • Groot
      • Magik
      • Luna Snow
      • Spider-Man
      • Iron Man
      • Scarlet Witch
      • Peni Parker & Sp//dr
      • Star Lord
      • Namor
  • Thunderbolts* (47:00)
  • Blade (49:50)
    • Moving aiming for 2024 production to meet 2025 release
    • Production Weekly says Fall timeframe
  • Fantastic Four (50:35)
    • New scoopers saying movie takes place in alternate universe, with ending into Secret Wars
  • Daredevil: Born Again (52:40)
  • Spider-man 4 (54:50)
    • Updates say script is still in progress without any director or start date
    • Release between Avengers films or after Secret Wars?
  • Spider-Man: Spider-Verse (58:25)
  • CCXP (1:00:10)
  • Invincible (1:01:45)
    • Ezra Miller recast in season 2
    • Villainous D.A. Sinclair

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