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"I've never woken up so tired in my life."

Deadpool and Wolverine Trailer, X-Men Movie Coming Soon, Kraven delayed to December, and more!

This week Superhero Slate is watching the Deadpool and Wolverine trailer, there are X-men Movie Announcement Soon, Kraven is delayed to December, and more!

What We're Doing: Tokyo Vice, Hundreds of Beavers (2024), Star Wars Day/The Phantom Menace


  • Deadpool & Wolverine (19:35)
    • New trailer features first Hugh Jackman look
    • Costumes, cameos, and cuss words, oh my!
      • Spider-Man 1 fight sequence?
    • Will not require any previous MCU Films knowledge to watch, per Shawn Levy
      • Maybe the Fox movies then?
    • Some reshoots taking place through May, possibly more Cameos?
  • Avenger: Endgame (32:55)
    • 5 years since release
    • Closer to that 5 year time jump than ever
  • Avengers 5 (34:45)
    • Will feature smaller set of characters
      • Most likely remaining original Avengers
    • Begin filming January 2025 in UK
  • Armor Wars (37:20)
    • Begin filming in Atlanta & UK in January 2025
  • Shang-Chi 2 (40:25)
    • Movie to start filming in UK in March 2025
  • Avengers vs X-Men (43:15)
    • Rumor: movie in development for a future Avengers title post X-Men
    • Comic series of name AvX focused on Phoenix powers splitting among 5 mutants
      • Cyclops killed Professor X
  • X-Men (49:10)
    • Writer narrowed down, announcement expected in the next few weeks
    • Most likely post-Secret Wars
  • Black Widow (53:30)
    • Scarlett Johansson’s project most likely a Disney+ series
      • Is a producer on project, not starring
    • Could focus on either Florence Pugh’s Yelena or the Black Widow program
  • Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man (57:55)
    • Lisa Singer and Stu Livingston who worked on show, are back at Marvel Animation as Episode Directors
    • Say they cannot share details until press release
  • Kraven (59:55)
    • Sony delays movie to December 13
      • Originally the new Karate Kid movie; giving Cobra Kai time to finish
  • X-men 97 (1:06:47)
    • LifeDeath Part 2 & Bright Eyes Discussion
  • Fallout (1:25:40)
    • First half of season 1 with SPOILERS discussion
    • Fallout 4 - Mike

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