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"I'M BACK BABY! You again..."

Venom 3 Trailer, World War Hulk at Marvel, the X-Men reboot with Jordan Peele, and more!

This week on Superhero Slate we're putting our dancing shoes for the Venom 3 trailer, World War Hulk is in the cards at Marvel, the X-Men reboot might get a horror director, and more!

What We're Watching: Shang Chi, Multiverse of Madness, Hit Man, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (original), The Princess Bride, Good Burger


  • Captain America: Brave New World (28:25)
  • World War Hulk (34:15)
    • Movie being setup in MCU for future project
    • Bruce Banner afraid of governments getting his blood and creating their own Hulks/super soldiers
      • Could be breaking point and see return of Savage Hulk
  • Avengers 5 (38:10)
    • Shawn Levy (Deadpool and Wolverine) in talks to direct film (again)
      • Was offered movie but passed. Delay has given him an opening
    • Grounded story but with multiversal aspects
    • Sources say project could have more than 60 MCU Characters
      • Loki and Sylvie expected to play big roles in movies
      • Most likely over 2 films, not just one
  • Avengers: Secret Wars (46:50)
    • Rumored (again) to be multi-part film
    • Could also borrow from comic book lines Avengers Assemble by Jason Aaron
      • Reality rewritten to get rid of 616 Avengers, but pursue through multiverse and meet variations on themselves
    • Avengers Forever
      • Rick Jones assembles different Avengers to fend off attack from Immortus (Kang Variant)
    • Time Runs Out
      • Jonathan Hickman’s Avengers vs the Illuminati
  • X-Men (50:55)
    • Jordan Peele met with Marvel about the film
      • Most likely to direct
      • Nothing has come of it yet
    • Michael Lesslie is writing
  • Marvel Cinematic Universe (55:20)
    • Phase 7 likely to “Look to the stars specifically Eternals Vol 3”
  • Venom: The Last Dance (59:05)
    • First trailer released for upcoming finale
    • Features other symbiote spawns, return of Toxin (Let There Be Carnage), and a Xenophage (symbiote eater alien)
    • Rhys Ifans in van scene, could be this universe’s Dr Conners
    • Bar scene but not the same as No Way Home, probably ported back to variant version in Venomverse
  • Star Wars: The Acolyte (1:06:15)
    • Most watched Disney+ premiere of 2024
      • 4.8 million views in 5 days
      • X-Men was 4 m
    • 93% on RT, comparable to Andor
  • Superman (1:09:10)
  • Alien: Romulus (1:11:15)

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