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"We're recording our reactions to the Star Wars trailer. Woooah!"

To Infinity... | Episode 14

After completing one quarter of a year in podcasts, Mike and Chris ramp up for the summer blockbuster season on this week's Superhero Slate with the biggest news in town. Marvel has enough news to make you go blind, DC’s universe is shaping up to be a deadly competitor, Fox wants to grow their universe and more!

Episode 14 Notes


  • Russo Bros confirmed for Infinity War
    • Marvel press release
    • Filming next year; back to back
  • Age of Ultron
    • Has a tag
      • No post credits sequence 🙁
    • Captain Marvel will not appear, but was in early drafts
      • The mystery girl from trailer is not in final version of film
    • The Vision gets a poster!
    • 2 Stan Lee cameos
    • Expect a Star Wars trailer
  • Star Wars goes digital
    • All 6 movies getting digital release
    • $20 a movie
    • Also, the original graphic novel is being re-released by Marvel
  • Black Panther’s father
    • Ernie Hudson rumored for role of T’Chaka
  • Ant-Man’s yellowjacket
    • First official image of villain
    • New Trailer Monday
  • Kevin Feige talks!
    • Spider-Man is Peter Parker in High School
      • Costume already designed, more like original
    • Doctor Strange may or may not be British
      • Starts filming this November
  • Daredevil
    • Chris and Mike's initial reactions
  • Marvel’s AoS Spinoff show
    • Sparse details, but a show should arise out of some things happening later in the season
      • Damage Control? Inhumans?
  • Marvel Animated Universe
    • Future could be tied to cinematic universe
  • Batman Animated Series
    • Now available on Amazon Instant Video
  • Batman v Superman
    • First cut completed
      • Going to composers
    • Fist trailer week of Mad Max: Fury Road
  • The Flash
    • Chris Miller/Phil Lord developing
      • But not directing...yet
    • Known for LEGO movie and 21 Jump Street
  • Suicide Squad image
  • Deadpool set photos
    • Seem stop be recreating scene from teaser footage
      • Suit looks awesome in real life
      • Katanas are “Bea” and “Arthur”
    • Characters revealed
  • X-Men Apocalypse
  • Fox’s Fantastic Four
  • Doctor Who through 2020
    • Show has at least 5 more years, if not more

Mike – @MikeRoyerDesignInstagramPickledComics

Chris – @ValdanComicUINerdTraffic

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