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Batman's Motorcycle Crash & the Future of Star Wars | Weekly News Episode 261

Superhero Slate talks about the future of Star Wars stories, predict if time travel will bring Loki back, scratch our heads about a Mysterio solo film at Sony, and more!


  • Disney (12:45)
    • Expected to unveil upcoming MCU and Star Wars slate at Disney+ event in March
    • Previews for: Loki, WandaVision, Falcon & The Winter Soldier, Mandalorian
    • Updates for: Obi Wan, Cassian Andor, Hawkeye, She-Hulk, Ms. Marvel, Moon Knight
  • Star Wars (17:00)
    • New film in development with J.D. Dillard (Sleight) and Matt Owens (Luke Cage)
    • Uncertain if theatrical release or Disney+ offering
    • No ties to currently announced movies
  • The Clone Wars (25:55)
    • Series finale started on D+
    • Season 7 will tie into Revenge of the Sith
  • Elsa Bloodstone (30:50)
    • Was featured character of ‘mostly brand new’ female superhero show last year
      • Canceled before greenlit at ABC
    • Would have tied into Monster Marvel Universe
      • Helstrom, Ghost Rider
  • Loki (32:10)
    • Rumored to be setting up Kang for MCU
    • Was a part of Time Variance Authority
  • She-Hulk (37:25)
    • Red Hulk rumored to make debut in series
    • Appearance of second Hulk will cause drastic measures from Thunderbolt Ross
  • Hawkeye & Ms. Marvel (39:00)
  • Captain Marvel 2 (41:36)
    • Warbird Productions II LLC has been filed
    • Sequel in the works
  • Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (44:50)
    • More signs Sam Raimi is directing
    • Canceled appearance at MonsterManiaCon due to “filming”
      • Hasn’t done a movie since Oz the Great and Powerful
  • Mysterio (47:15)
    • Sony rumored to be making Mysterio solo film
    • Using Jake Gyllenhaal back in the role
    • Could follow return from the ‘dead’ and his revenge on Spider-man
  • Deadpool (51:30)
    • Character is an unlockable skin Fortnite’s Battlepass
  • The Batman (54:40)
  • Wonder Woman 84 (58:25)
  • Harley Quinn (series) (1:03:30)
    • Season 2 will return on DCU Friday April 3
    • Originally 26 episodes ordered split in 2 seasons
  • Superman & Lois (1:04:55)
    • Picks up after Crisis
    • Has 2 kids: Jonathan & Jordan Kent

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