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"Awe man I just farted. That smells."

AMC/Universal's New Deal & Secret Invasion Theories | Weekly News Episode 284

This week Superhero Slate is looking at a historic deal between theaters and distributors, Captain Marvel 2 is rumored to adapt Secret Invasion, Tenet will release in theaters this month after all, and more!


  • The Umbrella Academy (13:50)
    • Season 2 drop on Netflix
    • Spoiler Free thoughts
  • The Witcher (23:00)
    • Blood Origin live action prequel series officially greenlit at Netflix
    • Details history of The Witcher creations, 1200 years before the current series
  • Beauty and the Beast (26:45)
    • Gaston based prequel series to be called “The Little Town” where the movie is set
    • Luke Evans and Josh Gad set to reprise roles from film
  • Solo (30:46)
    • Now on Disney+
      • All Star Wars major films on streaming service
    • Star Wars sequel series rumored to be in works for Disney+
    • Could revolve around Han Solo or Lando or both
  • Hawkeye (36:10)
    • Hailee Steinfeld has reportedly signed on for Kate Bishop role
    • Worked out deal around Apple+ contracts
  • Marvel’s Avengers (Game) (39:20)
    • War Table for upcoming Beta
      • Golden Gate Bridge
      • Levels with Kamala and Hulk
      • HARM (Holographic Augmented Reality Machine rooms)
      • War Zones - 4 player multiplayer operations; can range 10 minutes to 2 hours
    • Hawkeye revealed as one of first free characters
  • Captain Marvel 2 (46:35)
    • Rumored to involve Ms. Marvel and adapt Secret Invasion
    • Include important MCU characters and be seen as a mini-Avengers film (Civil War)
  • Spider-Man 3 (539:45)
    • Tony Revolori to return as Flash Thompson
  • Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings (54:20)
  • AMC Theaters (56:10)
    • Has reached deal with Universal (previously had beef) to reduce release window from theater to PVOD to 17 days
    • Premium Video on Demand is higher cost; $19.99 for 48 hour rental
      • AMC to get 10%
    • Record low, potentially temporary?
  • Tenet (1:06:15)
    • Warner Bros. will release film internationally on August 26
    • Will roll out across world in tiered release
  • The Emmy’s 2020 (1:10:44)
    • The Mandalorian, Watchmen (26), Westworld
  • The Mandalorian (1:13:45)
    • Season 2 will delve into Moff Gideon’s backstory and the Darksaber
  • Harley Quinn (1:16:35)
    • Animated series now on HBO Max
  • Wonder Woman 84 (1:18:30)
    • New trailer to be tied to Inception re-release in cinemas on August 22
    • Dune to also have a trailer
  • The Flash (1:20:30)
    • Andy Muschietti stated to Orden 67 (spanish site)
    • “It’s a story of time travel, the Flash travels back to save his mother”
  • Snake Eyes (1:22:10)
    • GI Joe movie moves from October 2020 to 2021 (no date)

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