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"Why was Harry Potter kicked out of Hogwarts? He was caught playing with his broomstick. Oh boo!"

Ms. Marvel Trailer & Daredevil on Disney+ | Weekly News Episode 367

This week Superhero Slate is embiggening our first look at Ms. Marvel, we dive into Marvel’s release slate circa 2004, The Batman is coming to streaming next month, and more!

What We're Watching: Underworld, Underworld Evolution, Welcome to Flatch, Turning Red, The Adam Project


  • Marvel (21:20)
  • Spider-Man (28:34)
    • No Way Home on digital release early
  • Fortnite (34:15)
    • Featuring Doctor Strange and the Prowler in Season 2
  • Defenders (39:40)
    • Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Punisher, Iron Fist, and Luke Cage now on Disney+
    • NOT part of the MCU timeline playlist
    • WILL get 4K improvement
    • Parental controls required at login
  • Daredevil (42:35)
  • Moon Knight (47:00)
    • First 4 episodes reviewed by outlets
  • Ms. Marvel (49:00)
  • Andor (59:10)
    • Summer 2022 rumored
    • After Ms. Marvel, possibly August
  • The Mandalorian (1:01:50)
    • Season 3 adds Christopher Lloyd
  • The Batman (1:03:35)
    • HBO Max on April 19 confirmed
  • Harley Quinn (1:04:30)
    • Season 3 will feature James Gunn cameo
  • Halo (1:06:10)
  • Irredeemable/Incorruptible (1:12:05)
    • Mark Waid series being turned into a movie at Netflix
    • Hero goes evil; Villain goes good

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