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"I'm so hungry. How hungry are you Mike? I'm so hungry I could the ass end out of a dead rhino."

The Joker Scene & Halo Debut Review | Weekly News Episode 368

This week Superhero Slate is preparing ourselves to watch Moon Knight and Morbius, Halo comes to the planet Madrigal, the Joker was almost in Batman, and more!

What We're Watching: Underworld update, Deadeyes podcast, Our Flag Means Death, Death on the Nile


  • The Incredible Hulk (19:55)
    • Will be streaming on HBO Max
    • Blade movies also adding to service
  • Morbius (23:25)
    • This week in theaters!
      • Review next week
    • Director out there spoiling stuff
  • Moon Knight (27:43)
    • THIS week on Disney+
    • Wednesdays
  • Nova (28:50)
    • Character heading to MCU
      • Unsure on series or movie
    • Sabir Pirzada (Moon Knight) to write project
  • Spider-Man: No Way Home (32:30)
    • Hits $800 million domestic
      • 3rd Highest Release ever
  • Doctor Strange (34:37)
    • Multiverse of Madness rumored to be 2 hours and 28 minutes
      • Tied with Spider-Man No Way Home
    • Avatar 2 trailer tied to film’s release
  • Halo (series) (38:50)
    • Episode 1 on Paramount+
    • Movie vs Game differences
    • Pablo Schrieber (Master Chief) has had discussions with Marvel
      • Wolverine? (Brother played Sabretooth)
  • Obi-Wan Kenobi (52:15)
    • Empire Strikes Back bounty hunter to appear
      • Probably Zuckuss or 4 Lom
  • The Batman (54:00)
  • Gotham Knights (1:00:10)
    • Misha Collins (Supernatural) joins as Two-Face
  • Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League (1:01:01)
    • Delayed to Q2 2023

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