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"I got a Vanilla Coke. You know why I got a Vanilla Coke? Cause it doesn't have anyone else's fucking name on it. It just says Vanilla Coke."

Black Adam (2022) Review

Welcome to the Superhero Slate review of Black Adam! Does The Rock bring us our first good Anti-Hero? What members are on the Justice Society? Can this mountain of a man get any larger? Find out all these questions and more!

  • Box Office
    • $67 million NA, $140 worldwide
    • 10% bigger audience than Shazam with 100% more production budget
    • Producer say Black Adam 2 is coming ‘fast’
  • Spoilers (13:00)
    • Atom Smasher (original)
    • Amanda Waller role
    • Suicide Squad connections
    • Cameos (no contract), originally had headless actor

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