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"Escapism. Escapism. Escapism."

Marvel Gives Us More Animation, WGA Strike is Over, James Gunn's DCU Keeps A Few Actors, and more!

This week Superhero Slate is celebrating the WGA strike ending, Marvel is doubling down on animation offerings, James Gunn reveals his DCEU carry overs, and more!


  • One Piece (12:15)
    • Dominates Netflix top 5 for fourth week
    • Welcome all new listeners from our review!
  • WGA Strike (15:45)
    • Writers have preliminary agreement with AMPTP to resolve strike
      • Board has let members go back to work with caveat
    • Voting Oct 2-7 to ratify agreement
    • SAG-AFTRA now meeting with AMPTP, similar sticking points
    • Projects resuming immediately include The Last of Us season 2, One Piece Season 2, Stranger Things Season 5 
  • Bethesda (24:00)
    • Working on game ‘under the Disney banner’
    • Also working on The Indiana Jones game
  • Marvel’s Avengers Anime (28:40)
    • Streaming free on YouTube
      • Produced by Madhouse (One Punch Man, Death Note)
    • All 39 episodes will be released weekly through 2024
  • Great British Baking Show (32:25)
    • New season debut
    • Show favorites
  • Loki (37:40)
  • Wakanda (41:00)
    • Black Panther spinoff series from Ryan Coogler now rumored to be an animated show
    • Revealed by Marvel Studios founded production companies
      • “Maglev Train” working on “Golden City”
  • The Marvels (45:10)
    • Has secured China release
    • Clocking in at 1 hour and 45 minutes with credits
    • Shortest MCU to date
      • Word is that it jumps in and goes fast
  • X-Men (47:25)
    • Marvel Studios beginning search for writers
    • No decision till top of 2024
  • DCU (50:00)
    • James Gunn reveals which 4 actors who will continue from DCEU to DCU
      • Xolo Maridueno/Blue Beetle, John Cena/Peacemaker, Viola Davis/Amanda Waller, Freddie Stroma/Vigilante
    • DCU canon officially starts with Creature Commandos and Superman Legacy
  • Rick and Morty (55:44)

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