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"Let it go. LET IT GO! Let it go and flow. You don't even know the words do you? No I don't."

Marvel’s new approach to their TV series, Loki Season 2 debuts, Ahsoka series review, and more!

This week on Superhero Slate, we're talking about Marvel’s new approach to their TV series, Loki Season 2 debuts, Ahsoka series review, and more!


  • Spider-Man 2 (9:20)
    • Game hits Playstation 5 on Friday
    • Leaks/spoilers already out, beware of articles
  • Monarch: Legacy of Monsters (14:50)
  • Invincible (18:30)
  • The Batman II (22:40)
    • Rumors: Hush might be the main villain
    • Connection to reporter in first film, a childhood friend of Bruce Wayne
  • Joker: Folie A Deux (24:30)
  • The Acolyte (27:05)
  • Skeleton Crew (32:35)
    • Estimated arrival: January 2024 (placeholder?)
    • “In the first episode of ‘Skeleton crew’ we are introduced to four kids who make a mysterious discovery on their seemingly safe home planet and get lost in a strange and dangerous galaxy. Finding their way home, meeting unlikely allies and enemies, will be a greater adventure than they ever imagined.”
    • Connected to Ahsoka/Filoni movie?
  • Werewolf by Night (36:06)
  • Agatha: Darkhold Diaries (37:50)
    • Marvel submitting things to US Copyright office revealing dates and details
    • September 19, 2024
    • Quick synopsis:
      • "In the first episode, we see Agatha finally break out of a spell she has been trapped in, She can’t wait to go back to her old murderous ways only to find that she is powerless. The only way forward for her is to embark on a perilous quest to get her powers back with the help of an unlikely friend or two."
  • Spider-Man Freshman Year (42:42)
    • Synopsis:
      •  “Marvel Studios presents “Spider-Man: Freshman Year” in which Peter Parker’s life, while getting ready for his High School orientation, is forever changed by events that send him on a journey like none before. In the first episode, we discover that the new era of Spider-Man begins here!”
    • November 2, 2024
    • A sequel series, Spider-Man: Sophomore Year, is in development.
  • Daredevil: Born Again (45:30)
    • The writing team and directors were let go from Daredevil in September in a ‘creative reboot’ for the series
      • Legal procedural way different than the Netflix version; no costume till episode 4 even
      • Biggest problems so far were on Secret Invasion with execs vying for control of series, causing delays and lowest ratings among any MCU shows
    • Marvel/Disney is overhauling their Disney+ and TV series wing
      • Bringing in TV showrunners, rather than relying on film executives, to help have a creative throughline from start to finish
      • Have not focused on a ‘writer first’ approach, but rather a fix it in post (ways that have worked for the movies)
      • Having full time TV-execs rather than using the film ones
      • Leaning into multi-season shows and away from limited series formats to help build characters
      • “It should work beyond the fact that it ties into other projects or if they’re going to be a movie or even set up an Avengers film”
    • Synopsis: 
      •  "rivals Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox) and Wilson Fisk (Vincent D'Onofrio) try to leave behind their darker alter-egos to serve the people of New York only to have their pasts catch up to them. In the first episode of the series we are reintroduced to the world of Daredevil."
    • January 2025 as an estimated release window
  • The Marvels (1:00:55)
    • Tickets are now on sale
    • Trailer teases a cameo/friend of Captain Marvels
  • Avengers: Kang Dynasty (1:01:50)
    • RUMOR: Plot is similar to Avengers: Infinity War with the Avengers taking on the Council of Kangs
    • Currently unknown which writers are working on film
  • Avengers: Secret Wars (1:02:35)
    • RUMOR: The TVA sends in a group of collected heroes to defeat Kangs
    • Lead by Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man, Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine, and Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool
    • Currently unknown which writers are working on film
  • Deadpool (1:06:00)
    • Rumor: Taylor Swift may have a role in film after being spotted with Hugh Jackman, Ryan Reynolds/Blake Lively, and Shawn Levy
    • Always rumored to be Dazzler, a mutant who has ability to create light/energy beams from sound vibrations/singing
  • Loki (1:07:55)
    • First 4 episode runtimes revealed:
      • EP1 - 45 mins (39) 
      • EP2 - 49 mins (44) 
      • EP3 - 53 mins (48) 
      • EP4 - 48 mins (45)
    • Episode 1/2 Discussion
      • Self help book on tape (Moon Knight)
  • Ahsoka (1:21:50)
    • Season Wrap Up
    • Season 2 expected to premiere before Filoni’s movie
    • Mortis/Abeloth

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