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"Salutatorium, what the hell is that? Well it's not first place that's for sure."

Spider-Man 2 Game Release, Sinister Six Spinoff Details Leaked, Madame Web Trailer Soon, and more!

This week Superhero Slate is diving into the Spider-Verse with the new game, details on the canceled Sinister Six movie, the upcoming Madame Web trailer, and more!

Scavengers Reign, Taskmaster, Taylor Swift The Eras Tour


  • Spider-Man 2 (19:50)
    • The game released on PS5
    • Includes Peter Parker and Miles Morales Spider-Men
    • Kraven, Venom, and others
  • Sinister Six (47:25)
    • Sony’s Spider-Man spin-off was going to have team travel to the Savage Land
      • Spider-Man would ride a t-rex
    •  Vulture, Sandman, Mysterio, and Black Cat would join Spider-Man and Doc Ock on the team, while Idris Elba, Francis McDormand, Bryan Cranston, Tom Hardy and Jackie Chan were all wanted for undisclosed roles, as were Woody Harrelson, Channing Tatum, Joel Edgerton, and Jason Clarke. 
    • Even Chris O'Dowd, Michael Peña, Seth Rogen, and Danny McBride's names were batted around. 
  • Across the Spider-Verse (53:50)
    • Coming to Netflix on October 31
      • Netflix raising prices further
  • Spider-Man: Far From Home (56:00)
    • Making its way to Disney+ on November 3
      • No Way Home just got to Netflix, so may be a longer wait
  • Madame Web (58:10)
    • ShowEast Expo this coming week with a Sony Presentation
    • Rumored to be long awaited Madame Web trailer Monday Oct 23
    • Still slated February 16, 2024
  • Daredevil: Born Again (1:02:30)
    • Original plan was to have “Trial of the White Tiger” be the first arc
    • Corrupt cops using Punisher logo/tattoo, setting up second arc
  • Deadpool 3 (1:06:00)
    • Delayed with no release date known
    • Due to SAG-AFTRA strike, half of movie is filmed
  • Captain America: Brave New World (1:06:30)
    • Looking to maybe be moved up, back to original date
  • Werewolf by Night (1:08:20)
    • In Color out now
  • Gargoyles (1:09:30)
    • Live action series in works for Disney+
    • Atomic Monster (James Wan) working on series, known for Annabelle franchise
  • Kick-Ass (1:14:00)
    • Matthew Vaughn reboot in the works (also directed original 2)
      • Comic books had reboot as well
    • Does not rule out Original Kick-Ass return
    • Podcast

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