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"The last podcast of 2016 Mike. Can't hold back anything now."

FIRST Borderlands trailer, Batman Beyond concept art, Avatar's Live Action Show, and more!

This week Superhero Slate is diving into the Borderlands with a trailer, Batman Beyond concept art looks amazing, Avatar the Last Airbender arrives on Netflix, and more!

Coca Cola Spice, K-Wave Coca Cola, and Happy Tears Coca Cola, Chris loves Dunes


  • Avatar: The Last Airbender (15:00)
    • Netflix Live-Action series now on Netflix
    • 8 episodes available
  • Naruto (32:05)
    • Destin Daniel Cretton (Shang-Chi) to direct live-action film for Lionsgate
  • Superman Legacy (36:15)
  • Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom (38:40)
    • Streaming on Max February 27
    • Still in theaters, could turn a small profit
  • Batman Beyond (41:50)
  • Spider-Man 2 (game) (48:35)
    • New Game+ coming April 5
    • Mission replay, new suits, and ability to choose “symbiote” color
      • Ultimate Levels and Golden Gadget Tiers
  • Morbius (51:00)
    • It’s morbin’ time this March 1 for streaming on Disney+
    • Two years after theatrical release
  • Star Wars: The Acolyte (52:15)
    • Rumored debut June 5, 2024
    • Bad Batch currently only Star Wars content airing weekly
  • Marvel Zombies (55:25)
    • Will debut Mahershala Ali’s Blade
    • Rumored as one of the leads and voiced character
  • The Fantastic Four (57:50)
    • Rumor: Movie will take place across 2 timelines
      • Either 1964 and previous (flashbacks to powers)
      • Or could be modern and 1960s
  • Borderlands (1:00:15)
  • The Boys (1:08:40)

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