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"Like every time someone walks away from the screen I'm just like BYE FELICIA!"

Shazam Casting & Deathstroking It Solo | Weekly News Episode 144

Its a scary Superhero Slate because Deathstroke is making his own movie, they’ve cast Fandral (Zachary Levi) as Shazam, the Venom movie is really happening, and more!

Guest Host Jason A.

Derby City Comic-Con


  • Deathstroke (10:00)
    • Solo movie happening at DC
      • Joe Manganiello as character
      • Gareth Evans (The Raid: Redemption) as director
  • Justice League (14:27)
    • Shortest run time of any DC film
      • 119 minutes; Suicide Squad is 123
  • Flashpoint (19:30)
    • Jeffrey Dean Morgan plays coy about being Batman in the movie
      • Thomas Wayne becomes Batman in series
  • Shazam! (25:15)
    • Zachary Levi (Thor: The Dark World) cast as Lead character (Captain Marvel)
  • Daredevil S3 (29:34)
    • Kingpin to return
    • Erik Oleson (Man in the High Tower) as showrunner
  • Inhumans (31:24)
    • IMAX Let down by quality of series
      • “Customers expected a production akin to a mega-budget blockbuster movie, rather than pilots for a television show,”
    • Loeb/Chory walked away from Inhumans related questions from Deadline last week
  • X-23 (34:15)
    • Script in works for character
      • Craig Kyle (co-creator) working on script
  • The Runaways (38:11)
  • Thor: Ragnarok (41:54)
    • Eric Pearson (writer) knows whispers of One-Shot program returning
      • Wrote first 3 (Funny Thing, The Consultant, Item 47)
      • Drop in blu-ray sales hurt program, imagined them like Pixar shorts
  • Captain Marvel (45:45)
    • Eyeing Ben Mendelsohn as villain
    • Sanja Milkovic (Blade, Star Trek Beyond, every Fast & Furious) as costume designer for film
  • Avengers 4 (48:40)
    • Hawkeye’s Ronin costume on set
    • Teenage Groot being motion captured on set
  • Venom (50:58)
  • Bright (53:30)
  • The Dark Tower (55:26)
    • TV series may reboot franchise after film flopped
  • Preacher (56:45)
    • Officially renewed for Season 3 on AMC
  • Stargate (58:20)
    • Stargate: Origins to be on Stargate Command
      • All 3 series and 3 films in one place
      • One time $20 fee

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