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A Longer Justice League & the Black Panther Soundtrack | Weekly News Episode 153

Year 4 of Superhero Slate starts with fans staging a rally for a longer Justice League, we get a first look at Han Solo LEGO sets, Kendrick Lamar delivers the Black Panther soundtrack, and more!


  • Justice League (8:00)
  • DCEU (14:40)
    • Walter Hamada (Shazam, IT) now president of DC Films at WB
      • Working with Geoff Johns still
    • Deadshot & Lobo put on films that probably won't happen list
  • Silver and Black (21:25)
    • Begins production March 5 under name “Tri-Border”
      • Sony Pictures
    • Expect casting announcements soon
  • Black Panther (26:45)
    • Kendrick Lamar to produce soundtrack
      • “All the Lights” featuring SZA single
    • New Billboard in LA
  • Captain Marvel (29:30)
    • Adds Dewanda Wise (She’s Gotta Have It) in mysterious role
      • Monica Rambeau?
  • Spider-Man: Homecoming 2 (32:40)
    • Sequel to start filming this June 1
      • Return to Atlanta and Berlin
    • Gwen Stacy to possibly be exchange student
  • The Avengers Project (36:55)
    • Uncharted creative director (Shaun Escayg) leaves Naughty Dog to join Avengers video game
  • Solo: A Star Wars Story (40:15)
  • Fox (45:35)
    • Lauren Schuler Donner on crossover
      • “If we work with Kevin, I’m happy”
    • Bryan Singer removed as EP from The Gifted/Legion
  • The Gifted (47:27)
    • Renewed for season 2
  • Legion (49:00)
    • Shadow King recast as Navid Negahban
    • Will have 1 year time jump on return
  • Game of Thrones (50:14)
    • 8th and final season, 6 episodes to return in 2019
  • Animaniacs (52:22)
    • Two season order picked up at Hulu
  • Netflix (55:35)
    • Signed a multi-year agreement with Matt Reeves’s 6th and Idaho studio
      • First look at movies Reeves wants to write or direct
      • Has moved from Fox
  • Bright (58:05)
    • Sequel announced from Netflix
  • Daredevil/Iron Fist (59:10)
    • Claire Temple to appear in upcoming Marvel shows
  • The Merlin Saga (1:01:15)
    • Ridley Scott to helm film about origin of character
    • One of two projects about Merlin at Disney
  • Spawn (1:02:25)
    • Movie working into budgeting/casting
    • Does not say a word the entire film

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