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"So, if a carpenter is a man's man then what are we? I don't know."

2017 In Review and A Solo Disaster | Weekly News Episode 152

As Superhero Slate wraps up 2017 this week, Infinity War marketing is upon us, we look back at the best and worst movies of the year, and more!

Holiday Recap


  • Star Wars: The Last Jedi (9:30)
    • About to cross $1 billion at box office
    • Theaters have had to issue warning about silent moment in film
  • Star Wars (11:15)
  • Solo: A Star Wars Story (15:00)
    • John Williams to write theme song
      • John Powell to do score
    • Solo was a young gifted pilot at the Imperial Academy at Carida
      • Kicked out for rescuing Chewbacca
    • RUMOR Time
      • "Disney is bracing themselves for the Han Solo movie to bomb. They were worried about it before all The Last Jedi controversy, but now they’re essentially writing Solo off. The lead actor, Alden Ehrenreich, can’t act, and they had a dialogue coach on hand for all of his scenes. On top of that, the script is unworkable. It’s going to be a car crash."
  • Black Panther (20:25)
  • Avengers: Infinity War (24:20)
  • Ultimate Alliance (28:15)
    • US Patent & Trademark Office received extension to name of UA video games
      • Square Enix game could be new Ultimate Alliance
  • Ant-Man and the Wasp (29:50)
    • Character breakdowns
      • Scott Lang
        • "The events of Captain America: Civil War gave us something clear, which is: what was Hank Pym and Hope Van Dyne's reaction to Scott having taken this technology out into the world in Civil War? We had a lot of fun playing around with that. And we play with size and scale a lot. I love the idea of Giant-Man."
      • Hank Pym
        • "The events of Civil War, and how Scott reacted to that, have thrown a big wrench into the works. But his curiosity has been reawakened about the Quantum Realm and whether Janet's still alive down there."
      • Janet Van Dyne
        • "She's a very important character. It's fair to say if someone were to have spent thirtysomething years in the Quantum Realm and survived, it would have an effect. What did she eat? All she eats is cereal called Quantum Krispies."
      • Hope Van Dyne
        • "This is really her coming out party as a hero. Her power set is fantastic. She and Scott both shrink, but there the flying, and the fighting style of The Wasp is different from Ant-Man's."
  • Iron Fist (32:20)
  • Dakota North (33:55)
    • Potentially the ‘female-focused Jessica Jones-esque” series in development at ABC
    • Had 5 issue series, Trades are now back in orders at stores
      • Released usually when movies/shows are debuting/upcoming
    • Or will be a part of Jessica Jones season 2
  • Blade (36:50)
  • Venom (39:20)
    • Riz Ahmed to play Dr. Carlton Drake, leader of The Life Foundation
  • Fantastic Beasts 2 (40:20)
  • Krypton (43:10)
  • Aquaman (44:30)
  • Justice League (46:30)
    • Box art suggests NO extended cut at initial release
    • Theatrical run may end with less than Man of Steel
  • Deathstroke (48:30)
    • Once again off limits in the Arrow universe
      • Movie probably upcoming
  • New Mutants (50:15)
  • X-Men: Dark Phoenix (51:33)
  • Hasbro (54:00)
    • Allspark Pictures set release dates
      • GI Joe - March 27, 2020
      • Micronauts - October 16, 2020
      • Dungeons and Dragons - July 23, 2021
      • Untitled Event - Oct 1, 2021
  • Mortal Engines (58:15)

Best & Worst of 2017 (1:01:00)

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