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"Did Liz get a new top? No, we've seen that before. Never with that skirt. We should probably stop staring before it starts getting creepy though."

Spider-Man Far From Home vs John Wick 3 | Weekly News Episode 206

Superhero Slate is headed Far From Home with Spider-Man, let us assemble these sweet Endgame toys, help us settle a John Wick debate, and more!

Chris’ Theater Going Weekend - Glass, Into the Spider-Verse, Dragon Ball Super Broly

Mike's Hate Watch - Slobby’s World, My Hero Academia

Video Games - Firewall Zero Hour (PSVR) & Bloodbourne


  • John Wick 3 (23:30)
    • Mike says John Wick is cooler than Spider-Man. This argument ends the podcast as we know it.
    • Trailer
  • Spider-Man: Far From Home (29:40)
  • Avengers: Endgame (38:55)
  • Captain Marvel (43:45)
    • Less than 50 days
  • Agents of SHIELD (45:05)
    • Anthony Michael Hall cast in recurring Season 6 role
  • Disney+ (46:25)
    • The Vision & Scarlet Witch
      • Settle in suburbs and give Vision a soul
    • Hawkeye
      • Clint training Kate Bishop, Young Avengers Hawkeye
    • Bucky/The Falcon
      • Spy Thriller, possibly have US Agent
    • Sif
      • Deals with banishment from Asgard, against Enchantress
      • Beta Ray Bill rumored to be introduced
  • New Mutants (51:25)
  • X-Force (53:00)
    • Will be released before Deadpool 3 (if it does)
      • Iron Man, Iron Man 2, Avengers, Iron Man 3 model
    • Written/Directed by Drew Goddard
  • New Gods (54:00)
    • Granny Goodness and the Female Furies as villains
    • Mr. Miracle and Big Barda as protagonists
  • Shazam! (55:28)
    • Trailer on Tuesday, the 22nd
  • The Batman (57:30)
    • Filming starts this fall
    • Revolves around a younger Batman (Affleck out)
    • The Penguin to make appearance (with other villains)
      • Was replaced by Black Mask in Birds of Prey to be used here
  • Bloodshot (59:20)
  • Ghostbusters 3 (1:01:30)
  • Mission Impossible (1:05:40)
    • Christopher McQuarry to direct next two films back to back
    • Summer 2021 and 2022 release
  • Game of Thrones (1:07:30)
    • April 14, 2019
  • Pokemon (1:09:05)
    • Legendary working on live action adaptations of Pokemon Red & Blue
    • a Rocky-esque narrative about an underdog making his way towards the top, exploring the Kanto region and the first generation of Pokemon”

Plugs: (1:12:00)

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