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Captain Marvel Tickets & the Loki Show | Weekly News Episode 205

A new Captain Marvel trailer has Superhero Slate powered up to see the movie, we discuss several shows on the Disney+ service, how many Fox movies will actually be released, and more!

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  • Punisher (13:40)
    • Season 2 trailer
    • January 18, 2019 on Netflix
  • Academy Awards (16:00)
    • Producers want to Assemble the Avengers to present awards
    • 2013 had Chris Evans, Robert Downey, Mark Ruffalo, Jeremy Renner, Samuel L Jackson
  • Black Panther (19:00)
    • Best reviewed movie in 2018 from RT
    • Gets Writer’s Guild nomination
  • Black Panther’s Quest (23:18)
    • Stan Lee’s last animated cameo to debut on 1/13 episode
  • Captain Marvel (26:30)
    • Special Look Video
    • Tickets available now
      • Sales exceeded expectations
    • Looking at $160 million opening weekend
    • Avoid Samuel L Jackson interviews
  • Avengers: Endgame (35:30)
    • Marketing may only show footage from first 20 minutes of the movie
      • Hide spoilers and events until debut
    • Title has been in place since before production
    • Black Knight correlation?
      • 2 True Believers comics in April are reprint of Dane Whitman stories
  • Spider-Man: Far From Home (43:00)
    • Trailer may debut January 15
    • Probably different from CCXP footage
  • Into the Spider-Verse (44:35)
    • Golden Globe for best Animated Film
  • Black Widow (46:30)
    • Rumors point to discussion for the film to have been first R-Rated Marvel film
      • Not likely with only 2 movies releasing in 2020
  • Loki (Disney+) (49:10)
    • Rumor points to Tom Hiddleston not being main actor, but more narrator
      • Telling events from Loki’s past/childhood
      • Has precedent in comics
  • Vision & Scarlet Witch (Disney+) (51:50)
    • Jac Schaeffer (Captain Marvel) to write and be showrunner
  • Lady Sif (52:55)
    • Rumor that Sif (Jamie Alexander) limited series to be in development for Disney+ streaming service
  • Fox Merger (54:50)
    • Deal expected to close early March
    • All non-production movies have 2 months to film or will be scrapped
      • Gambit, Silver Surfer, Kitty Pryde, Multiple Man, Doctor Doom
      • X-Force possible, but same time constriction
    • New Mutants reportedly hasn’t started the reshoots, but will be last release
  • X-Men: Dark Phoenix (58:40)
    • Current budget has ballooned over $200 million
    • Thought to be a box office bomb
      • Probably break-even but still be a loss worldwide
      • Depends on the die-hard X-Men fans and the average movie-goer
  • Venom 2 (1:00:25)
    • Sequel all but confirmed
    • Kelly Marcel (1/3 of Venom, Saving Mr. Banks) to write script
    • Ruben Fleischer not expected to return as director
    • Woody Harrelson’s Carnage expected to be villain
      • Possible R-rating but due to China’s extreme process, may remain PG 13?
  • Aquaman (1:05:00)
    • Has passed $1 billion worldwide (72% international)
      • Now higher than The Dark Knight
  • Birds of Prey (1:06:25)
    • Filming to begin this week
  • Star Trek 4 (1:07:50)
    • Has been shelved by Paramount

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