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"The Human Torch was denied a bank loan."

The Eternals Trailer & HOW Many Jokers? | Weekly News Episode 326

This week on Superhero Slate, we’ve gotten our first teaser for the long awaited Eternals, Spider-Man’s universe is starting to fill out, you can get MGM movies in 2 days with Free Shipping, and more!

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Cruella, Bo Burnham Inside, The Friends Reunion, Smallville, Hacks, A Quiet Place Part II


  • Eternals (14:15)
    • First teaser trailer for upcoming film
    • Features 10 Eternal powered characters, spans thousands of years
      • Angelina Jolie as "fierce warrior" Thena.
      • Richard Madden as  "all-powerful" Ikaris.
      • Kit Harington as Dane Whitman (who is human).
      • Barry Keoghan as "aloof loner" Druig.
      • Gemma Chan as "humankind-loving" Sersi.
      • Kumail Nanjiani as "cosmic-powered" Kingo.
      • Salma Hayek as "wise and spiritual leader" Ajak.
      • Lauren Ridloff as "super-fast" Makkari.
      • Brian Tyree Henry as "intelligent inventor" Phastos.
      • Lia McHugh as "eternally young, old-soul" Sprite.
      • Don Lee as "powerful" Gilgamesh
    • Deviants are villains
  • Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (27:40)
    • Michael Waldron (Loki) is having to clean up messes he made with Loki in the Doctor Strange script
  • What If...? (28:45)
    • Producer teases plans for Tesseract Powered Iron Man suit
    • Worn by Steve Rogers in WW2
  • Moon Knight (30:00)
  • Secret Invasion (31:00)
    • Christopher McDonald (Happy Gilmore) cast as newly created character for series
    • Full plans for crossover into other series/movies
  • Marvel Studios (34:45)
    • Pushes back 2 moves
      • October 7, 2022 > October 6, 2023 (one year)
        • Could be Blade?
      • November 3, 2023 > November 10, 2023 (one week)
      • Both untitled films
    • Jac Schaeffer signed 3 year deal with Marvel and 20th Television to create/develop TV content
  • Captain America 4 (37:50)
    • Rumor is that the Red Skull’s daughter, Sinthea Schmidt (aka Sin) is the main villain
    • Early casting call for “Kate Mara type” to play character
  • Spider-Man: No Way Home (40:40)
    • Rumored trailer on June 1 - Tom Holland’s birthday and Sony’s social is now fully Spider-Man instead of Venom
    • RUMOR: Norman Osborne will lead the Sinister Six
    • Include Green Goblin, Electro, Doc Ock, Sandman, Rhino and Lizard
  • Silk (43:55)
    • Will differ from comics version
      •  "spent [time] abroad doing field research in remote isolation before returning home to discover her family has disappeared. Her main motivation will be to find them, while also dealing with her over-developed sense of empathy that forces her to strongly feel the emotions of everyone around her."  
    • Will likely remove any ties to Spider-Man
    • 8 Episode season on Amazon
  • Kraven the Hunter (45:30)
    • Aaron Taylor-Johnson (Age of Ultron) cast as lead in Sony’s movie and multiple films
      • Convinced by his role in Bullet Train
    •  "One of Sony Pictures' universe of Marvel characters, Kraven is one of Marvel's most iconic and notorious anti heroes, who has encountered Venom and Black Panther, among many others, as well as being one of Spider-Man's best known and most formidable enemies."
    • J.C. Chandor (Triple Frontier; A Most Violent Year) has been tapped to direct the origin story, with a screenplay from Art Marcum & Matt Holloway (Iron Man; Uncharted) and Richard Wenk (The Equalizer; Jack Reacher: Never Go Back).
    • January 13, 2023
  • Joker (50:30)
    • Todd Phillips to co-write Joker 2
    • Waiting for more official announcements
  • Amazon (56:10)
    • Buys MGM studios for $8.45 billion
    • Acquires James Bond, Rocky, Tomb Raider franchises
    • Other content:
      • "MGM has a vast catalog with more than 4,000 films - 12 Angry Men, Basic Instinct, Creed, James Bond, Legally Blonde, Moonstruck, Poltergeist, Raging Bull, Robocop, Rocky, Silence of the Lambs, Stargate, Thelma & Louise, Tomb Raider, The Magnificent Seven, The Pink Panther, The Thomas Crown Affair, and many other icons - as well as 17,000 TV shows - including Fargo, The Handmaid’s Tale, and Vikings - that have collectively won more than 180 Academy Awards and 100 Emmys."
  • The Tomorrow War (1:00:55)

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