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"I'M BACK BABY! You again..."

A New Star Wars Hope & The Disney-Fox Merger | Weekly News Episode 146

Listen to the Superhero Slate and learn that Star Wars announced a new trilogy of films, Disney has 20th Century Fox by the tail, the Punisher and Justice League are available to watch this week, and more!


  • Star Wars (6:05)
    • Rian Johnson to create new trilogy of films
      • Focusing on new characters, new places, and timelines
      • “this new trilogy, which is separate from the episodic Skywalker saga, Johnson will introduce new characters from a corner of the galaxy that Star Wars lore has never before explored.”
    • Han Solo first look at Alden Ehrenreich
    • TV series coming to Disney Streaming Service
  • Disney (18:20)
    • Service in 2019
    • Streaming service to get new service-only shows
      • Monsters Inc. from Disney/Pixar
      • High School Musical
      • Creating New Marvel Show
        • New Marvel shows to exclusively debut on service
          • Possibly New Warriors home?
        • Future seasons of Netflix shows unknown
    • To cost less than Netflix
      • Reflects fact content volume
  • Netflix (23:30)
    • Where do the Marvel shows go after Disney contract expires?
    • Stranger Things Season 2 Review
  • The Punisher (29:18)
    • Release on Friday, November 17
  • Daredevil (30:40)
    • Season 3 has started filming
    • Should be through June 2018
  • Agents of SHIELD (31:45)
  • Black Panther (35:56)
  • The Incredibles 2 (40:15)
    • First footage to debut before Coco
      • The Incredibles 2 will see Elastigirl as the Parr family parental figure initially having the adventure while Mr. Incredible is left at home to watch Jack Jack.
  • 20th Century Fox (42:15)
    • Disney reportedly has been in/out of talks to buy most of Fox
      • Cannot buy broadcast network, including Sports/News
    • The big D wants film division
      • Consolidate Marvel characters
      • Combat Netflix with more films
    • Deal is NOT dead
  • Deadpool 2 (50:30)
  • Kingsmen: The Golden Circle (52:20)
    • Physical release December 12
    • Digital release December 5
  • Justice League (53:35)
    • Release Friday November 17
      • Two post credit scenes!
    • Ben Affleck unsure of his future after two more appearances
  • Suicide Squad 2 (56:06)
    • May introduce Black Adam in film
      • “A weapon of mass destruction”
  • Shazam! (56:55)
    • Asher Angel (Disney shows) as young Billy Batson
  • Dark Universe (59:00)
    • Producers leave franchise
    • The Mummy’s failure to launch center of problems
  • Glass (1:00:15)

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