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"And then I woke up and I was all like man it never happened. That's not a dream. That's a nightmare."

Spider-Man: Far From Home & Streaming Service Offers | Weekly News Episode 177

Find out from Superhero Slate why Tom Holland can’t keep Spider-Man secrets when he’s Far From Home, Star Wars is re-evaluating their spinoff movie approaches, will the DC Universe be more than just a streaming service, and more!


  • Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (8:20)
    • Mike’s spoiler free thoughts
    • Box office update
  • AMC A-List (15:05)
    • MoviePass like subscription
    • $20/mo includes IMAX, 3D for 12 movies (3 a week)
    • Ties into Stubs
  • Spider-Man: Far From Home (21:45)
    • New title ‘leaked’ from Tom Holland
    • World crossing? Dimension hopping?
  • Silk (26:10)
    • Sony’s next “Spider-Man” project without Spider-Man
    • Cindy Moon was second person bitten by same spider as Peter Parker
      • Bit ankle before dying
    • Same age as Spider-Man, korean-american background
  • Black Widow (34:45)
    • Director Shortlist includes:
      • Amma Asante (A United Kingdom)
      • Cate Shortland (Berlin Syndrome)
      • Maggie Betts (Novitiate)
    • All three known for period dramas
  • Ant-Man and the Wasp (37:25)
    • Tickets on sale now!
    • Two confirmed after credits scenes
    • First reactions hitting internet
  • Luke Cage (39:20)
    • Season 2 debuted on Netflix
    • Impressions
  • Disney (42:05)
    • Have outbid Comcast with $71.3 billion in stock/cash hybrid offer
    • Jon Lasseter will be replaced by Peter Docter and Jennifer Lee
  • Star Wars (46:45)
    • Spin-offs are still in development, nothing has slowed down
    • Re-evaluating marketing plans and budgeting for future films
  • Obi-Wan Movie (49:30)
    • Stephen Daldry left project 6 months ago
    • Aiming for release on Disney Streaming Service to gain interest
  • DC Universe (53:30)
    • Hub for all things DC
      • Digital movies
      • TV Shows (back catalog)
      • Comics
      • Interactions/giveaways
  • Doom Patrol (56:00)
    • Kelsey Grammer eyed for lead role in show
      • Dr. Niles Caulder/The Chief
  • Swamp Thing (57:30)
    • James Wan to co-direct pilot with Deran Sarafian (Buffy, House, Fringe)
  • Wonder Woman 84 (58:30)
    • First debut footage planned as a surprise with Gal Gadot at SDCC 2018
  • Man of Steel 2 (1:00:05)
    • Henry Cavill at SDCC this year
      • No upcoming movies in production
  • The Flash (1:02:10)
    • Rumored to debut in 2020 from John Francis Daley (co-director)
    • February 14 or June 5
  • The Batman (1:03:25)
    • Movie will be set in the past, younger Batman
    • Option to reboot if they want or decide if they’re going to keep it
    • Treat as a standalone franchise again
  • The Joker (1:05:20)
    • Joaquin Phoenix led film and The Batman may be in same universe
    • Still early conversations
  • The Walking Dead (1:08:05)
    • Season 9 will see the return of Jon Bernthal as Shane
      • Died in season 2

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