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"Hey pewder. Welcome home, sir. FYI, Robin is trying on costumes in the Batcave again. He's doing some pirouettes in Batryshnikov."

Riddler and Catwoman Casting & a 3 Hour Disney+ Preview | Weekly News Episode 245

This week on Superhero Slate the Batman gives us cat riddles, there's a 3 hour Disney+ preview, WandaVision is part comedy, part darkness, and more!


  • Watchmen (6:20)
    • HBO series debuts tonight
  • The Batman (11:00)
    • Zoe Kravitz to play Catwoman
    • Paul Dano to play Riddler/Edward Nashton
    • Jonah Hill NOT playing the Penguin/appearing in movie
  • Joker (16:55)
    • Todd Phillips says no extended cuts or deleted scenes
  • The Suicide Squad (19:45)
  • Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (22:40)
    • Tickets on Sale tomorrow with new Trailer
    • 2 hours and 35 minutes showing up in theaters
    • December 20, 2019
  • The Mandalorian (25:00)
    • Early previews are online
    • Taika Waititi directed last episode of Season 1
  • Cassian Andor Show (27:15)
    • Tony Gilroy (Rogue One) to write show as well
  • Venom 2 (29:30)
    • Will feature villain Shriek, ability to manipulate sound (originally a mutant) played by Naomi Harris (Moneypenny in Bond)
      • Allied herself with Carnage in comics
  • Deadpool (31:55)
  • Marvel Studios (37:05)
    • Kevin Feige promoted to Chief Creative Officer for Marvel
    • Will oversee film, television, and publishing
  • Disney+ (40:45)
  • Falcon and the Winter Soldier (45:55)
    • Production starts on Monday
  • WandaVision (46:50)
    • Rumored 6 episode series broken into 2 parts
      • First 3 episodes are american sitcom with Wanda and Vision
      • Last 3 tie it into Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness
  • Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (48:45)
    • Jade Bartlett (Miller’s Girl - blacklist script) will work on the script
    • C. Robert Cargill was also reported to return, unsure of status
  • Black Widow (50:25)
    • Scarlett Johansson notes film is first Marvel movie to be produced by one of its actors
    • Referred to it as a standalone franchise
  • Thor: Love and Thunder (53:00)
    • Ongoing debate about Thor’s weight in upcoming movie
    • Script is finished
  • Ant-Man 3 (55:05)
    • Pym Particles Productions III LLC has been formed, could be pre-production for third film
  • Ms. Marvel (57:15)
    • Series rumored to start filming in April 2020
    • Recasting Inhumans for show
      • Black Bolt by Vin Diesel
      • Maximus by Aaron Taylor-Johnson

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