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"Are you ready to start the friggin show? Uh, yeah? And I don't mean the word friggin."

Disney+ Starts This Week & The Eternals Bomb Scare | Weekly News Episode 248

This week Superhero Slate is counting the sleeps till Disney+, Moon Knight and She-Hulk get writers, more famous actors join The Batman cast, and more!


  • Disney+ (16:15)
    • Launches 9 AM EST on Tuesday, Nov 12
  • Mandalorian (19:05)
    • First episode Tuesday Nov 12
    • Second episode November 15, and every friday through December 27
  • Marvel (19:45)
    • More MCU films added to Disney+ Launch
      • Endgame moved up
    • You will need a Disney+ Sub to keep up with MCU going forward
  • Loki (27:55)
    • Series will kick off Doctor Strange into the Multiverse of Madness
      • Does his Endgame appearance cause multiple universes?
    • Possible season 2 on the table
  • WandaVision (30:30)
    • Currently in production, multiple sets for different decades being built
  • Hawkeye (34:00)
    • Was originally a movie before being rewritten for online show
  • Moon Knight (35:30)
    • Jeremy Slater as head writer
    • Developed and created The Umbrella Academy on Netflix
  • She-Hulk (38:10)
    • Jessica Gao hired as head writer
      • Pickle Rick episode of Rick and Morty
      • Also Silicon Valley
  • Iron Heart (40:45)
    • Rumored to being developed for Disney+
    • Riri Williams “took over” for Tony Stark while he was gone in comics
  • Thunderbolts (43:30)
    • Rumored to be in development at Marvel Studios
    • The earliest incarnation was a team of villains masquerading as heroes
      • Unsure if show or movie
  • The Eternals (45:20)
    • Actors evacuated from set after finding World War 2 bomb near set
  • Spider-Man Into the Spider-verse (46:55)
    • Japan Spider-Man (live action) will be in upcoming sequel
    • Piloted mecha Leopardon in show
    • Honest Trailer
  • Helstrom (48:25)
    • Show adds previous Colossus actor Daniel Cudmore in recurring role
  • Marvel’s Avengers (51:05)
    • Video game will have alternate endings
    • The credits will not be the end game, with more releasing post-launch
  • The Clone Wars (54:40)
    • Star Wars animated show will debut season 7 in February on D+
    • Will have 12 episodes, probably final season
  • Marvel vs DC (55:10)
    • Marvel and Star Wars movies have 66% of people go to theater to watch
    • 73% watch DC movies on streaming service; 75% for next Fantastic Beasts (WB property)
  • The Batman (59:35)
    • Andy Serkis cast as Alfred Pennyworth in film
    • Colin Farrell is in talks to play The Penguin
    • Rumor: Matthew McConaughey up for Two-Face in film
  • The Boys (1:04:50)
    • Season 2 to air mid-2020 on Amazon

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